Excel – Reporting basic rules

Hello all,

once upon a time we pick up a video from our archive. This time it is from the beginning of WeExcell and The Vacuum university idea.

Here you have some rules that can be useful when you are building your report.

I apologize it is only in CZECH language. We are preparing subtitles.

Enjoy and thank you for your support.


Excel – Reporting

Good morning fantastic Vacuum university people and welcome to WeExcell

Finally, we are releasing our first educational video. It is about creating a report in less than 20 minutes.

Check it out and try yourself.

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Thank you and enjoy.

VU team


This webpage is a platform for our project called The Vacuum University where we want to educate people how to use their favourite software efficiently and effectively. First, We are now concentrating on how to work with MS excel but we believe that some of our knowledge is transferable to other tools. Second, we are preparing and sharing materials how to go from novice to professional step by step. Last but not least, in future we want to continue with other useful software which is being used, however for starter, we have videos and other materials about the most famous spreadsheet.

Education can make a difference because quotes  “I know” and “I don’t know” make the difference. And we know that the best feeling you can have is the feeling when you help someone.

Thank you for your support.



Where are we heading?

Hello you lovely VU people,

Maybe you still don`t understand where this group is leading to.

Here it is. First milestone is that you know how to build report (it is dummy version of real report). There is daily automated process which consolidates data from three different data sources into one, refreshes all data and pivot tables, creates pdf and sends email to distribution list. Moreover, it takes the consolidated data and does all previous steps for different filters. If you want to automatize a report where you send overall picture to one group and only part of data (but still the same report) and another group, then you are on the right place. Therefore, you can have a global view as well as a partial view from one data source. In fact it is easier to create similar report than some reports you have seen in the past years.

It is not perfect. It is only our first step. Stay on track no matter how long it is.

Thank you and excel with us.

The Vacuum university team

See Dummy report.

First teaser

What up Vacuum university people,

This time I want to share with you a teaser which was made on June.

We are working hard and we are preparing for a launch.

Check the teaser out.

Vacuum University team


The Vacuum University: The Beginning

black-title-quoteHello fantastic people,

we are starting Vacuum University and you are more than welcome to join us. You can expect educational materials mainly focused on Excel, Access, SQL, SAP Business Warehouse and whatever we will come to mind.

We are working on basics level as well as professional level of how to be super effective with technology. Last but not least, we have several videos and pdfs by now which we will gradually upload on Youtube and webpages.

We are looking forward to our brighter future full of personal growth.

Stay in touch.

Vacuum University team